Cherry Abacus Hemp Flower

Our only strain from Colorado CBD Seed, Cherry Abacus isn’t a strain to sleep on… though it may help put you to sleep. At 16.2% total  CBD, Cherry Abacus still packs a helluva punch both in terms of taste and effect.

A cross between Abacus and Original Cherry, Cherry Abacus is the only Indica-dominant hemp strain of Sunset Lake’s 2019 cultivar. While they didn’t grow as big or as tall as our other strains, Cherry Abacus really dazzled us with its fabulous shades of purple and red.

Cherry Abacus Genetics

Colorado CBD Seed

Original Cherry x Abacus

Like many CBD hemp flower strains, Cherry Abacus can trace its roots back to high-yielding marijuana strains. Over time, geneticists bred the THC out and bred the CBD in. This technique, tried and true, created bigger, high-density CBD buds that look and smell a lot like traditional cannabis.

Cherry Abacus Cannabinoids

Cherry Abacus Cannabinoid Profile
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  • CBDa………………………………………..17.19%
  • CBD………………………………………….0.79%
  • THCa………………………………………..0.65%
  • Δ9-THC……………………………………..<LOQ
  • CBGa………………………………………..0.44%

Total CBD: 15.87% / 158.69 mg/g

Total THC: 0.57% / 5.73 mg/g

Growing Info

We grew our Cherry Abacus hemp flower outdoors with minimal cover cropping this year. We did not use any pesticides at any point. Instead, with guidance from UVM, we used an integrated pest management system and employed the use of Trichogramma parasitic wasps and assassin bugs to control unwanted pest populations. To prevent fungal growth, we used a gentle apple cider vinegar solution spray. We take great care to ensure the health of the soil for years to come!

Cherry Abacus: Aroma and Taste

Cherry Abacus’s dense little buds come in all shades of red, orange, and purple (so much so you can hardly pick out the underlying green).

Compared to Sunset Lake’s other strains, Cherry Abacus’s smell is subdued, but the taste is dynamite— like cherries and cola. The effects are just as nice. Users tell us about the fruity relief that washes over them.

Why Pick Cherry Abacus?

These dense little nugs taste and smell amazing. Cherry Abacus hemp flower leans more towards indica than any of our other strains and makes it best for those looking to unwind after a long day and get to bed.

Cherry Abacus Buds or smalls?

There isn’t much of a difference between our smalls and our jarred flower. The small buds, bagged, tagged, and ready to grind are sorted, machine-trimmed small buds. The buds that we put into our jars are hand-trimmed and often bigger buds.

Cherry Abacus Terpenes

The top three terpenes tested in our Cherry Abacus are:

𝛃-Myrcene – Also found in mango and hops, Myrcene has long been used in some cultures as a sedative and muscle relaxant. Myrcene is also responsible for beer’s peppery and balsam aroma.

𝛃-Caryophyllene – Commonly found in cloves, hops, and rosemary, beta-caryophyllene has the distinctive spiciness of black pepper.

ɑ-Pinene – Especially aromatic, Pinene is a terpene that smells a lot like pine trees. It can be found in a few of our favorites— pine needles, rosemary, basil, and orange peels.

Sunset Lake Cherry Abacus Reviews

Jacob S. writes:

“This strain is amazing. It provides great relaxation and melts away stress after a long day. The flowers have a great cherry smell to them. I will definitely be purchasing this strain again”

Lawrence D. writes: Very good for sleep

“The description noted that this CBD leans more towards the indica side, and I can definitely tell with this bud. Very nice aroma and really good at making me drowsy, and like all CBD flower I get from these guys, it mixes very well with other smokeables. Highly recommended!”

David B. writes:

“Imagine a sunny, warm day in the California foothills when you have just shared some herb with a few friends and are now enjoying a transcendent experience of the sun, the land, the moment, because you managed for once to get your hands on some Hawaiian Gold Flower or something, instead of the usual “Colombian” horse bedding you typically had to make do with. Now take away the reality-distorting effects of the THC on your mind, and leave yourself with a body that is suffused with a wonderful feeling of relaxation and all being right with the world. You could easily and quite happily do crossword puzzles or math problems or talk to your mom on the phone, but your body is done with over-achieving for the day. This is pretty much what I get from this strain of flower. And because it is a smokable, I get it right now. I might miss the dazzling rush of having my mind turned into a kaleidoscope, but I don’t miss being a happy idiot for a couple of hours. I do appreciate being suddenly and pleasantly…relaxed. Can make getting ready for bed the highlight of the day. As with other Sunset Lake products, the potency is there, so a little goes a long way. Enjoy.”

Packaging, Options, and Shipping

All retail packages are shipped discreetly right to your door with accompanying certificates of analysis, travel documents, and Sunset Lake’s grower’s registration.

Sunset Lake’s Cherry Abacus hemp flower is available in our premium hand-trimmed flower jars, smalls bags, bulk pounds, and wholesale.