Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Bred by the wizards at Oregon CBD, Hawaiian Haze is the love child of DC Haze “CC” and Early Resin Bud (ERB). This tropical strain took 1st place in the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup.

Sunset Lake’s Hawaiian Haze vegged out this summer and grew into massive, citrusy plants. The resulting buds are the largest and airiest buds of Sunset Lake’s 2020 cultivars. Sticky and squishy, these bright green Hawaiian Haze hemp buds are covered in trichomes.

If someone on our team smokes a pre-roll or packs a bowl, we’re reaching for this strain. Hawaiian Haze is a 10/10 for smokabilty and flavor.

Hawaiian Haze Genetics

Oregon CBD

DC Haze “CC” x Early Resin Berry

Like many CBD hemp strains, Hawaiian Haze can trace its roots back to high-yielding marijuana strains. Over time, geneticists bred the THC out and bred CBD in. This technique has created bigger, high-CBD buds that look and smell a lot like traditional cannabis.

Hawaiian Haze Cannabinoids

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Cannabinoid Report
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  • CBDa………………………..18.71%
  • CBD…………………………..0.29%
  • THCa…………………………0.72%
  • Δ9-THC………………………ND
  • CGBa…………………………0.57%

Total CBD: 16.7% | 167.0 mg/g

Total THC: 0.632% | 6.316 mg/g

Growing Info

We grew our Hawaiian Haze hemp flower outdoors with minimal cover cropping this year. We did not use any pesticides at any point. Instead, with guidance from UVM, we used an integrated pest management system and employed the use of Trichogramma parasitic wasps and assassin bugs to control unwanted pest populations. To prevent fungal growth, we used a gentle apple cider vinegar solution spray. We take great care to ensure the health of the soil for years to come!

Hawaiian Haze: Aroma and Taste

Clocking in at 16.70% total potential CBD, Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-dominant CBD hemp flower perfect for a get-up-and-go smoke. It’s fitting that Hawaiian Haze’s fruity profile pairs brilliantly with a tall glass of orange juice.

The nose on this Hawaiian Haze is quite pleasant: light fruity and floral with a hint of sharp citrus.

Why pick Hawaiian Haze?

A great daytime strain with a wonderful flavor profile. Hawaiian Haze is a great strain for anyone new to smokable CBD.

Hawaiian Haze Buds or smalls?

There isn’t much difference between our Hawaiian Haze smalls and our jarred flower. Smalls are sorted, machine-trimmed buds from lower on the plant. The Hawaiian Haze buds that we put into our jars are hand-trimmed and often bigger buds from higher up on the plant.

Hawaiian Haze Terpenes

The top three terpenes tested in our Hawaiian Haze are:

𝛃-Myrcene – Also found in mango and hops, Myrcene has long been used in some cultures as a sedative and muscle relaxant. Myrcene is also responsible for beer’s peppery and balsam aroma.

𝛃-Caryophyllene – Commonly found in cloves, hops, and rosemary, beta-caryophyllene has the distinctive spiciness of black pepper.

ɑ-Pinene – Especially aromatic, Pinene is a terpene that smells a lot like pine trees. It can be found in a few of our favorites— pine needles, rosemary, basil, and orange peels.

Sunset Lake Hawaiian Haze Reviews

Clem Z writes:

“Quality cbd at a really affordable price AND tastes/smells great AND works perfectly! I’m really pleased and satisfied with this purchase. It arrived well packed and on time.”

Bomani K writes:

“Very much worth the money, great for calming my anxieties during the day when I have to keep my whits about me. The calming effects I get form Lifter and Hawaiian Haze are among the best for me. Will be buying more in the future”

Carl G. writes:

“I grabbed an ounce of 2020 Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Smalls. Next time bought four ounces of 2020 Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Smalls. I can’t say it’s the best strain Sunset Lake is growing because I’ve only had for or five buds. If you find a good line of smoke you stick with it. I would rate 2020 Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Smalls as “high middle grade” CDB.”

Packaging, Options, and Shipping

All retail packages are shipped discreetly right to your door with accompanying certificates of analysis, travel documents, and Sunset Lake CBD’s grower’s registration.

Sunset Lake CBD’s Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is available in our premium hand-trimmed flower jars, smalls pouches, and preroll packs.