19.95% CBD
Smokable Hemp Flower

Sour Lifter Hemp Flower

A refreshing twist on the classic Lifter hemp flower strain, Sour Lifter is one of the newest offerings from the master geneticists over at Oregon CBD Seeds. This year’s Sour Lifter buds are chunky, crown-to-stem covered in orange hairs, and glittering trichomes.

Sour Lifter Bud Macro

Sour Lifter Hemp Flower

When you break into a jar of Sour Lifter hemp flower, you’ll immediately notice hints of blue cheese and zesty citrus— like a charcuterie board all wrapped up in a single bud. 

Sour Lifter is a great choice for smokers who want to start their day with a nice mood boost or jolt of creative focus. Hemp flower novices should be wary of the creep though— too many puffs of Sour Lifter might just send you into a mid-morning relaxation session. 

Sour Lifter Genetics

Suver Haze 50 x Gorilla Glue #4 CBD conversion | Oregon CBD Seeds

Like many CBD hemp flower strains, Sour Lifter hemp flower can trace its roots back to some very high-yielding, sticky marijuana strains. Over time, geneticists have bred the THC out of the parent strains and bred CBD in. This technique has created bigger, high-CBD buds that look, smell, and smoke like traditional THC cannabis.

What Strain is Sour Lifter? 

The origin of Sour Lifter’s genetics started where else, but with Oregon CBD Seeds. Sour Lifter actually shares a parent with traditional Lifter. Instead of crossing with Early Resin Berry, Oregon crossed Suver Haze #50 with a CBD-dominant strain of Gorilla Glue #4 (a.k.a. Original Glue) to give this bud its sour, pungent aroma. 

Is Sour Lifter an Indica or Sativa?

Despite being crossed with the couch-locked-hybrid that is Gorilla Glue #4 (CBD conversion), Sour Lifter is a Sativa-dominant hemp flower cross. This bud does creep a bit though. Too many puffs and your morning mood-boosting Sour Lifter session may just turn into an extended hangout. 

Does Sour Lifter Get You High?

Smoking Sunset Lake CBD’s Sour Lifter hemp flower will not make you feel high or intoxicated. 

To be considered hemp flower and not marijuana, smokable hemp must contain less than 0.3% d9-THC by dry weight. Instead of feeling high, as you would with traditional marijuana, you might feel much more relaxed or chilled when you smoke Sour Lifter.

Sour Lifter: Aroma and Taste 

Sour Lifter has a powerful jar stink. A nicely cured bud will smell of very acidic citrus— think sour limes and tangerines. Some users will notice some very subtle notes of blue cheese and gassy diesel fuel under all that citrus. 

Smoking or vaping Sour Lifter will differentiate the two sides of this complex bud. Expect that sweet-and-sour citrus on each inhale, and a very pleasant diesel exhale.

Sour Lifter: Test Results

To see all of our Sour Lifter certificates of analysis, please click here.

Total CBD – 19.95%

Total THC – 0.78% 

d9-THC – <0.05%

CBD:THC Ratio 25:1

Sour Lifter is a very aromatic bud, with terpenes making up more than 2% of its total weight. The top terpenes presenting in this year’s cultivar are:

Terpinolene – 0.594%

Beta-caryophyllene – 0.556%

Myrcene – 0.405%

Humulene – 0.252%

Other minor cannabinoids present in our Sour Lifter include:







Growing Information

We germinated our Sour Lifter in our new greenhouses up in Vermont’s Champlain Islands. Once they were big enough to transplant, we moved the Sour Lifter seedlings out into their rows outdoors. 

We do not use any pesticides at any point during germination, growing, flowering or harvesting. Instead, with guidance from the University of Vermont extension school, we used an integrated pest management system and employed the use of Trichogramma parasitic wasps, assassin bugs, and ladybugs to control unwanted pests. 

Sour Lifter Hand-Trimmed Flower Or Smalls? 

There isn’t much difference between our jars of hand-trimmed Sour Lifter CBD flower and our pouches of Sour Lifter smalls. 

The buds that make it into our hand-trimmed jars are bigger and we take more care to ensure that every jar has shelf appeal. The Sour Lifter smalls are sorted, machine-trimmed buds that are leftover and broken off during the hand-trimming process.

Sunset Lake CBD’s Sour Lifter Reviews

Fabien P. | Feeling down? 

“These buds will have you feeling great! Great smell and taste all the sour strains our great. Best out any water pipe for full flavor.” 

Packaging, Options, and Shipping

All of our online retail packages are shipped discreetly and directly to your door. Each package will contain relevant certificates of analysis, travel documents, and Sunset Lake CBD’s State of Vermont Hemp Grower’s Registration. 

Our Sour Lifter hemp flower is available in three options: 

If you’re a business and interested in carrying Sunset Lake CBD’s Sour Lifter in your retail location(s), please get in touch with us here