Special Sauce Hemp Flower

One of the more unique strains out of Oregon CBD, Special Sauce hemp flower is just that: special. A cross between Special Sauce (that’s not a typo) and Early Resin Berry, these greenish orange nugs will put a smile on your face.

Testing at 17.02% total CBD, Sunset Lake CBD’s Special Sauce hemp flower will turn heads with its frosted appearance and keep you coming back with its balanced genetic profile. This bud has it all, CBD, CBG, and THCa.

Special Sauce Genetics

Oregon CBD

Special Sauce (Original Strain) x Early Resin Berry

Like many CBD hemp strains, Special Sauce can trace its roots back to high-yielding marijuana strains. Over time, geneticists bred the THC out and bred CBD in. This technique has created bigger, high-CBD buds that look and smell a lot like traditional cannabis.

Special Sauce Cannabinoids

Special Sauce Cannabinoid Report
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  • CBDa……………………………19.40%
  • CBD……………………………..ND
  • THCa……………………………0.822%
  • Δ9-THC………………………..ND
  • CBGa…………………………..0.74%

Total CBD: 17.02% | 170.19 mg/g

Total THC: 0.72% | 7.20 mg/g

Growing Info

We grew our Special Sauce hemp flower outdoors with minimal cover cropping this year. We did not use any harmful pesticides at any point. Instead, with guidance from UVM, we used an integrated pest management system and employed the use of Trichogramma parasitic wasps and assassin bugs to control unwanted pest populations. To prevent fungal growth, we used a gentle apple cider vinegar solution spray. We take great care to ensure the health of the soil for years to come!

Special Sauce: Aroma and Taste

Special Sauce hemp flower has got what you need day or night. Users tell us that they like it as a way to bring calm to their hectic morning and to help them get ready for bed.

Special Sauce’s sweet vanilla odor is quite pleasing, but the real pleasure is its taste. Though hard to pin down, Special Sauce hemp flower is initially sweet, then savory, finishing on fruit notes.

Why pick Special Sauce?

A unique strain, Special Sauce hemp flower is for the smokers looking for swiss-army-style hemp flower and an interesting flavor profile. Slightly spicy, Special Sauce can do it all and won’t disappoint.

Special Sauce Buds or smalls?

There isn’t much difference between our Special Sauce smalls and our jarred flower. Smalls are sorted, machine-trimmed buds. The Special Sauce buds that we put into our jars are hand-trimmed and often bigger buds.

Special Sauce Terpenes

The top three terpenes tested in our Special Sauce are:

𝛃-Myrcene – Also found in mango and hops, Myrcene has long been used in some cultures as a sedative and muscle relaxant. Myrcene is also responsible for beer’s peppery and balsam aroma.

𝛃-Caryophyllene – Commonly found in cloves, hops, and rosemary, beta-caryophyllene has the distinctive spiciness of black pepper.

ɑ-Pinene – Especially aromatic, Pinene is a terpene that smells a lot like pine trees. It can be found in a few of our favorites— pine needles, rosemary, basil, and orange peels.

Sunset Lake Special Sauce Reviews

Linda G writes:

This strain is delicious- it’s a nice full bodied smoke with a high CBD content. Mixes well with others!

Wonderful job with growing, drying and storing. Great shipping as well! You are my go to CBD source Sunset Lake!

Robert B. writes:

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I i refuse to buy anywhere else. Thank you for everything! You have helped my sleep insomnia and I can’t thank you enough 🙂

Lawrence D writes:

This flower has a very noticeable wave of relaxation and even helps with some acute pain, at least for me. And like all CBD I get from SSL, it mixes very well with other smokeables. Highly recommend.

Packaging, Options, and Shipping

All retail packages are shipped discreetly right to your door with accompanying certificates of analysis, travel documents, and Sunset Lake CBD’s grower’s registration.

Sunset Lake CBD’s Special Sauce hemp flower is available in our premium hand-trimmed flower jars, smalls pouches, and preroll packs.