CBD lotion

CBD Lotion

Take care of your skin and feel your best with Sunset Lake’s Lotion infused with CBD, Jasmine, and Aloe! Made with our full-spectrum CBD from our 2020 harvest, this CBD Lotion will help you feel and smell your best. 

Our formula is non-greasy, fast absorbing, and is made with CBD isolate, meaning that it contains absolutely no THC.

What is CBD Lotion?

Our hydrating CBD lotion is a combination of concentrated CBD extract and other soothing ingredients, each playing its part to revitalize your skin. Our CBD lotion can be used just like non-infused lotion.

Is CBD Good for Skin?

We don’t know yet if CBD is definitively good for skin just yet. There is some evidence to suggest that CBD helps block pain receptors when applied topically. 

Dry, cracked skin needs moisturizing love. Our CBD lotion will not only provide the nourishment that Vitamin E and Jasmine essential oil can provide, but will provide some of the benefits that come with topical CBD.

How Do I Apply CBD Lotion?

Select the area you would like to apply your CBD lotion and squeeze out a dab the size of a quarter and massage it into your skin. Let the lotion absorb and wait for the CBD to work its magic. 

For best results, apply your CBD lotion directly after a shower or bath. Avoid contact with your eyes.

Does the CBD Lotion Contain Any THC?

Sunset Lake’s CBD lotion is made with CBD isolate. It does not contain THC.

How Much CBD is in the Lotion?

Compare our lotion to our competitors. Every ounce of our CBD lotion contains 100mg of CBD for better absorption and effectiveness. One bottle contains 400mg of CBD.

What Sunset Lake Customers Are Saying About Our CBD Lotion

Sheliah Wilks writes: Awesome Product

I was introduced to this company product by my son. I have Degenerative disc disease. He first bought me the ointment, which was good pain relief but the lotion not only smells wonderful it works wonderfully. I’m actually taking less pain medication. I can’t say enough about this product.

Karen C. writes:

I have applied this salve to my feet once a day for the last two months, and it has helped a lot with the neuropathy pain I suffer. I no longer need the many other ointments, lotions and creams I have tried. This salve keeps the pain level under control for the entire day.

Our CBD Lotion is Made in the USA

We grow all of the hemp that we incorporate into our products. From seed to harvest and beyond we can guarantee that Sunset Lake’s CBD lotion only contain pesticide-free hemp that we sustainably farmed.