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Subscribe and save 25% on every order

Never worry about running out of CBD again.

When you subscribe to your favorite Sunset Lake item(s) you:

  • Sign up for automatic billing
  • Save 25% off every item, every billing cycle
  • Have your items shipped directly to your door
  • Adjust or cancel your subscription anytime. No minimum commitment required.

How does a subscription work?

  1. Choose the “Subscribe and Save” option on your product. (Not the “One time” option) 
  2. Proceed to checkout
  3. Save 25% on your order
  4. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be prompted to make one 
  5. We bill you and ship out your order monthly 
  6. Manage, suspend, or cancel your subscription under the “My Account” tab

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe and save 25%?

On an item’s shop page you should see two options:

  • One time
  • $Price/month — save 25%

Select the second option and proceed to hit the “Sign up now” button below. This will add the item(s) to your cart as a subscription item. When you’re happy with your cart, proceed to check out. If you don’t already have a Sunset Lake CBD account, you will be prompted to make one. This account will allow you to make changes to your subscription at any time.

Do I get 25% off all orders?

Yes! As long as you are signed up for a subscription, you will save 25% each and every billing cycle.  

When will my Sunset Lake order be delivered?

Your initial order will be shipped ASAP. Then, your subscription items will be delivered on a monthly basis thereafter.

How do I manage my Sunset Lake subscription?

Head to the “My Account” tab on the home page and find the “Subscriptions” tab on the side menu. Here you will be able to manage your active subscriptions, add new products to your existing subscriptions, or change the shipping address of one or all of your current subscriptions. 

How do I change my subscription's shipping address?

You can change your subscription(s) shipping address one of two ways.

To change the shipping address for all of your active subscriptions,

    1. go to the “My Account” tab
    2. Select the edit link next to the shipping address
    3. Enter your details into the boxes provided
    4. Tick the checkbox: “Update the address used for all of my active subscriptions”
    5. Save the address.

To change the shipping address for just one of your active subscriptions (If you’ve bought a gift subscription for someone):

  1. Go to the “My Account” tab and navigate to the Subscriptions page on the side bar.
  2. Click the “Change Address” button under the subscription you want to change.
  3. Enter the new address details in the form
  4. Save the address.

Can I adjust or change the products I'm subscribed to?

Absolutely! You can easily adjust the product type, size, or quantity at any time. Your billing amount will change based on the products that you subscribe to.

Can I use coupon codes on my subscription?

Coupon codes can not be used on subscriptions.