Sunset Lake CBD Logo on blue. Text reads "How Hemp Can Help: Alburgh Family Club House"

Beyond growing hemp and selling CBD products, Sunset Lake CBD aims to enrich the rural community where we work and help combat the systemic injustices and poverty in the United States. Throughout Vermont, and particularly in rural areas such as Alburgh, there are not enough childcare providers to meet the needs of working families. Affordable child care benefits parents by allowing them to stay in the workforce. Children in high-quality early learning environments have better educational, developmental, and health outcomes. The bottom line is, quality childcare is a critical component in ending social, political, and economic inequality in this country.

Janet Bellavance, our founder Sam’s mom and de facto Matriarch of our cohort, is a retired public school teacher who brought this project to our attention. It is called The Alburgh Family Club House. It is a public preschool for Alburgh’s more vulnerable and low-income children. They are currently raising money to pay for a new building and need a hand-up.

From January 20th through January 31st Sunset Lake CBD is donating 10% of online sales to the Alburgh Family Club House, which will provide much-needed affordable childcare in our community. This is on top of the $2500 that the team already donated in December. We hope that our greater community of stakeholders can help us move this project forward. Thank you for your support!

2/12/2021 update:

Thanks to the incredible support of our customers most importantly the Majority Report family, we were able to donate an extra: $3,635.69 from sales at the end of January. Bringing our total donations to $6,135.69!

We’re thrilled to make this donation. Thank you so much for your continued support so we can keep giving back to the Vermont community where we grow our amazing hemp.

Cy Kupersmith

Director of Sales & Sustainability

Sunset Lake CBD

January 20, 2021