Lifter Hemp Flower – 17.8% CBD


As a Sativa-dominant cultivar, many find Lifter to be uplifting and soothing, but also a good anytime-use flower.

Sungrown. Single-origin. Sativa-dominant hemp flower.

  • CBD – 17.8%
  • CBG – 0.62%
  • Δ9 THC – < 0.03%

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Sunset Lake CBD’s Lifter Hemp Flower needs no introduction! Whether you’re looking for a daytime strain to help you focus or a relaxing after-work toke, look no further than this hand-trimmed Lifter Hemp Flower. Lifter is a Sativa-dominant cultivar. Many of our customers say that they find Lifter to be uplifting and soothing. 

Lifter may just be the most popular hemp flower on the market and for good reason. Lifter hemp plants grow into sturdy, heavy-yielding bushels of bud in middle to late October. Lifter is also resistant to pests, mold, and mildew, making it a favorite of farmers. 

Sunset Lake CBD’s hand-trimmed Lifter hemp flower is slow-cured and burped to ensure quality and smokability. Our glass jars come equipped with two-way humidity packs to control moisture levels and allow for an even longer in-glass cure. 

Sunset Lake CBD tests all smokable hemp flower for cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, and residual pesticides. 

Suggested Use

Smoking hemp flower requires a few items, but it is the quickest and most straightforward way to enjoy your Lifter. You’ll need a ‘smoking’ apparatus— papers, pipes, or a vaporizer will do. Break up Lifter buds with your fingers or with a specialized herb grinder and pack the pieces of flower into your preferred apparatus. Use a lighter or match to light the packed hemp flower and inhale (skip this step if you are using a vaporizer). Enjoy. 

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Suver Haze #50 x Early Resin Berry 

Genetics are sourced from Oregon CBD Seeds

From the breeder:

“Farmers will be rewarded with vigorous bushy, upright growth patterns in the vegetative phase that can easily fill 6” centers. By late August, fields will be full of large, oily “goldilocks” buds, perfect for the international trimmed hemp flower market. The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of fuel—very sought after by consumers!”

Aroma & Terpene Content

Sunset Lake CBD’s Lifter smells like wafting blueberry pie with a side of sharp cheddar cheese. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Total Terpene Content – 1.9% by dry weight

Myrcene – 0.659%

Caryophyllene – 0.47%

Humulene – 0.29%

Test Results

Certificate of Analysis | Lifter Hemp Flower

Sunset Lake CBD’s Lifter Hemp Flower contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.