Sour Special Sauce Kief 27.72% CBD

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We don’t currently have any Sour Special Sauce Kief for sale. Sour Special Sauce was a year-specific cultivar that we grew at Sunset Lake CBD and a limited release from Oregon CBD. This kief tested at an impressive 27.72% total CBD and had a very pleasant terpene and flavonoid profile. If you want to see us grow this cultivar again, contact us here.

Sunset Lake CBD currently carries Hawaiian Haze Kief, Lifter Kief, and Super Sour Space Candy Kief. Check them out!


If you’re looking to add a little extra relief to your smokable CBD flower, or to mellow out your other smokables, look no further than this solventless dry-sift concentrate. Kief is a collection of all-natural CBD-rich trichome heads that grow on hemp flower during flowering. We separate this kief from Sour Special Sauce Hemp Flower trim using a 125µm (micron) screen tumbler.

All of Sunset Lake CBD’s smokable products are:

  • Pesticide-free
  • Full-spectrum
  • Single-origin
  • Sun-grown

Suggested Use:

To use Sour Special Sauce Kief, scoop some from the jar and add it to your bowls or joints. If you’re smoking your hemp flower from a bowl, sprinkle kief on top and smoke it normally. If you’re rolling hemp flower into a joint, try to incorporate it into your flower the best that you can as it tends to burn at a different rate than hemp flower.

Add kief to your smoking experience when you’re in need of a little extra relaxation. Because kief is denser than traditional hemp flower, a little bit goes a long way.

Storage Advisory

Store your Kief concentrate in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A medicine cabinet, drawer, or stash box is an ideal place for all of your smokable kief. When properly stored, your kief will retain its flavor and potency for up to 12 months.


125 microgram mechanically tumbled Sour Special Sauce dry sift

Test Results

Certificate of Analysis | Sour Special Sauce Kief