Terpene Hemp Flower Flight


You’re a fan of hemp flower, and an even bigger fan of terp-y goodness. We understand. We’re fans too!

Sungrown. Single-origin hemp flower straight from our Vermont farm.

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You’re a fan of hemp flower, and an even bigger fan of terp-y goodness. We understand. We’re fans too. That’s why we put together a flight of the four cultivars with the highest terpene content for this Terpene Hemp Flower Flight.

Get all these wonderful cultivars together in one great flight and save! Flight includes,

This flight is great for folks looking for aromatic sungrown flower at a reasonable price point.  Each jar is packed with two-way Integra Boost Humidity Packs to ensure a quality cure and a great smoking experience. 

Terpene Hemp Flower Flight availability is subject to change based on individual cultivars’ stock.

Cannabinoid Content

Super Sour Space Candy – 15.3% CBD

Sour Lifter – 16.5% CBD

Cherry Abacus – 15.8% CBD

Candy Kush – 15.9% CBD

Terpene Content

Super Sour Space Candy – 2.8%

Sour Lifter – 2.5%

Cherry Abacus – 3.3%

Candy Kush – 2.4%

Suggested Use

Smoking Your Hemp Flower

You’ll need a ‘smoking’ apparatus— papers, pipes, or a vaporizer will do. Break up your hemp buds with your fingers or with a specialized herb grinder and pack the pieces of flower into your preferred piece. Use a lighter or lit hemp wick to light your packed hemp flower and inhale. If you’re using a vaporizer, adhere to your device’s instructions. Enjoy.

Other Uses For Your Hemp Flower

You can also use your Hemp Flower to make your own tincture or edibles. These methods require an infusion and are less straightforward. Check out our blog pieces about hemp flower infusions here.

Sunset Lake CBD’s Hemp Flower contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

Test Results

Certificate of Analysis | Super Sour Space Candy

Certificate of Analysis | Sour Lifter

Certificate of Analysis | Cherry Abacus

Certificate of Analysis | Candy Kush