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March 5, 2020

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Vermont’s Rec Cannabis Bill Does Not Go Far Enough

Burlington, VT – A local CBD hemp company announces its frustration with S.54, an act relating to the regulation of cannabis, citing concerns that the bill does little with regard to justice.

“We’re for legalization and regulation, but exacting justice for those impacted by our failed drug war has to be part of the initial push,” said Sam Bellavance, Founder of Sunset Lake CBD. “Kudos to lawmakers specifically prioritizing women and minority-owned cannabis businesses, but their failure to expand last year’s expungement laws to include the sale and distribution of marijuana is disappointing.”

The bill, as passed by the Vermont state senate includes a list of seven priorities to be considered by the Cannabis Control Board when considering applicants for state licensing.

“The fact that the priorities are just that: priorities not codified in the bill— I just don’t think this bill is enough,” said T.J. Anania, operations manager of Sunset Lake CBD. “I think it’s a good start and a workable bill, but the social justice aspects aren’t nearly fleshed out enough.”


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