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Let’s be honest: smoking CBD flower isn’t the most discrete thing in the world and CBD oil tinctures can leave something to be desired in the taste department. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned CBD user, you can’t go wrong with CBD-infused gummies.

Still on the fence? Check out the rest of this short post. We’ll be covering:

  • THC concerns 
  • Dosing with CBD-infused gummies
  • Edible CBD’s slow-release
  • CBD’s legality

CBD-Infused Gummies Can Be THC-Free

Unless labeled as full-spectrum gummies, most CBD-infused gummies are manufactured with pure CBD isolate meaning that all of the other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and most importantly THC are removed before infusion with the candy. CBD-infused gummies made from isolate are an excellent way for folks interested in CBD but worried about drug tests, to experience some of CBD’s benefits.

If you’re looking for gummies that do contain trace amounts of THC, you should search for “full-spectrum CBD gummies.”

It’s Candy!

CBD oil tinctures aren’t for everyone. While one of the quickest ways to consume cannabidiol, tinctures made with a crude extract base can taste earthy and sometimes bitter. One of the biggest benefits of CBD-infused gummies is their taste— they’re candy!

While CBD does have an inherently bitter taste, sour gummies usually contain citric (and sometimes malic) acid to cover up any residual bitterness. While it may not seem like much, taking a CBD-infused gummy can be much more convenient than dosing yourself with oil or smoking a CBD preroll.

CBD-Infused Gummies Are Easier To Dose

CBD-infused gummies are one of the best and most accurate ways to dose yourself with CBD

While many enjoy smoking CBD flower or taking CBD oil tinctures, consistent dosing can be tricky to get right. CBD-infused gummies should be homogenized and manufactured so that the CBD content is consistent from gummy to gummy. 

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CBD-Infused Gummies Are Slow-Release

You can ingest CBD in any number of ways: 

  • Inhalation – Inhaling vaporized CBD has one of the fastest onset times. That’s because the vaporized cannabinoids enter your bloodstream through your lungs within seconds of your first puff. One significant downside to consider is the odor. 
  • Sublingual –  Sublingual CBD application requires you to place CBD, usually an oil, under your tongue so that it may enter your bloodstream via the thin membrane under your tongue. It’s a great place to start as a beginner because the onset is generally quick and works with all CBD oils. 
  • Topically – You can also apply CBD topically (to your skin) for rapid relief in a targeted area. Depending on the product, it may also help moisturize your skin or help soothe aching muscles and joints. 
  • Edible – A CBD edible is any food or beverage that’s been infused with cannabidiol. Edibles have the slowest onset time, but they generally provide the longest-lasting effects and they are potentially the most potent form of CBD.

CBD-Infused Gummies are Legal

Just like other hemp-derived CBD, CBD-infused gummies are federally legal to produce and ship across state lines. 

This is because the 2018 Farm Bill defines legal hemp as “cannabis that contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC,” whereas any cannabis crop containing more than that limit is still considered marijuana.