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Traveling always presents some complications, some expected and some unexpected— all of them stressful. It’s no wonder that thousands of travelers are turning to CBD, an all-natural supplement in order to make their journeys a little more enjoyable. Because CBD is derived from hemp cannabis, many passengers who rely on CBD for relaxation or improved sleep, are left wondering: Can you fly with CBD? 

In this post, we’ll cover,

  • Why you can fly with CBD
  • How to tell your TSA agent
  • Some tips to make your next flying experience stress-free.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and should not be used as or misconstrued as legal advice. 

What Is CBD? 

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the more than 100 naturally occurring chemical compounds (cannabinoids) produced by the cannabis plant. CBD is found in abundance in hemp and hemp flower. 

By itself, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid meaning it will not make you feel intoxicated and it does not lead to dependency in users. 

While experts aren’t entirely sure how CBD interacts with your body, we do know that boosts your endocannabinoid system; an intricate cell-signaling system that manages bodily functions like: 

  • Sleep 
  • Mood 
  • Appetite
  • Memory 
  • Central Nervous System Development
  • And more… 

Why Is CBD Popular With Travelers? 

Before we launch into the nuances of traveling with CBD, let’s discuss why CBD might be popular with travelers. 

In a recent survey conducted by the Journal of Cannabis Research, CBD users were asked why they used CBD. 

  • 42.6% said that they used CBD for self-perceived anxiety 
  • 37.5% said that they used CBD for stress
  • And, 42.5% said that they were using CBD to address some sleep-related issue 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you’re going— travel is exhausting and for some, can be quite stressful. CBD can help users relax and calm their inner monologue, you know the one that freaks out about making your connecting flight in time. CBD’s benefits don’t end there. Once you reach your destination, CBD can help ease you into your new time zone and overcome jet lag.

Can You Fly With CBD?

The short answer: Yes, you can fly with CBD. 

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you can fly with “products that contain hemp-derived CBD oil…”

The longer answer is a bit more nuanced. You are allowed to fly with hemp-derived products and FDA-approved Epidiolex (a prescription CBD oil) and because most CBD products sold nationally adhere to these guidelines, you should be fine. Right? 

Real life is messier. For one, your specific airline might have rules regarding CBD. You’ll want to check before you book your flight. Second, your TSA agent might not be able to immediately recognize your CBD product as hemp-derived and good to go. 

Whether or not your CBD makes it on the plane is going to be up to the discretion of your TSA agent— and we all know that they can have good days and bad days. Luckily, there are a few ways to make life easier for your TSA agent, some of which we’ll cover shortly.

First, let’s cover the types of CBD you can fly with:

A woman putting CBD oil in her reusable bag

Can You Fly With CBD Oil?

You can fly with CBD oil, but the TSA guidelines for liquids apply. Your CBD oil must not be larger than 3.4oz or 100mL. This isn’t too much of a concern though, as most CBD oils on the market come in either 1- or 2-oz bottles. 

Can You Fly With CBD Gummies? 

You should be able to fly with CBD gummies, no problem. Because gummies, and edibles in general, aren’t liquids (like CBD oil) they shouldn’t be subject to further restriction. 

Can You Fly With A CBD Vape Pen? 

Like any electronic vape device, you should know you cannot fly with a CBD vape pen in your checked bag. Because the batteries inside make them a potential fire hazard, you’ll need to fly with your CBD vape pen in your carry-on bag. 

Can You Fly With Hemp Flower?

While yes, technically you can fly with hemp flower, we would highly recommend against it. Hemp flower and marijuana look and smell the same, and at the end of the day, it’ll be up to your TSA agent whether or not they allow your product on board and further whether or not to get local law enforcement involved. Why even risk the headache? If you’re dead set on traveling with hemp flower, consider instead shipping it to wherever you’ll be staying or buying it on location.

Tips For Flying With CBD

You may not need to do the following, but hey, you’re a traveler, and being prepared is what you’re good at. 

Bring Your Paperwork 

Most vendors will readily provide you with both their hemp license and your product’s certificate of analysis— the lab analysis that proves that your product contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. 

You should be able to show this paperwork to your TSA agent if they question the legality of your CBD product and clear up any confusion. 

Read more: How To Read A Certificate Of Analysis

Know The Local Laws

If you’re flying into a location with different laws about CBD than your own home state, do your research. Some states have different restrictions regarding hemp-derived products than others. The last thing you’ll want to do is deal with a headache once you touchdown. 

Buy Onsite/ Ship Ahead Of Time

CBD is federally legal which means you can have it shipped anywhere in the country. If you still don’t feel comfortable flying with CBD after this article or just want to avoid any hassle, consider shipping CBD to your vacation destination so that it’s ready when you land. 

Can You Fly With CBD Internationally? 

So far, we’ve talked about flying with CBD domestically, but what about internationally? 

As of right now, international rules regarding CBD are much less clear. You’ll want to do your own research first into your airline and then into the country that you plan on visiting. If you’re still unclear about a country’s CBD rules after that, err on the side of caution and leave your CBD at home. 

Wrapup: Can You Fly With CBD? 

There are plenty of reasons you might want to fly with CBD; travel can be stressful, airline seats are uncomfortable, and good sleep comes at a premium. Luckily for you, traveling domestically with CBD is possible and legal.

If you plan on traveling with any Sunset Lake CBD products, you should know that we provide certificates of analysis and our Vermont hemp license in all mailed orders. We also make all of the aforementioned documents available for download here.