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Virtually No Startup Costs

We’ll do most of the heavy lifting. With Sunset Lake’s CBD Dropshipping program all you do is promote your website, make sales, and make money. When an order is placed on your website, you’ll place an order on ours with a coupon code that we provide you, and our fulfillment team ships products directly to your customer. 

Build Your Brand 

We are a majority worker-owned farm and one of the top east-coast hemp cultivators. Sunset Lake has also been recognized for our work in our communities. See some examples here.

All of the products available for CBD dropshipping are made with sustainably-grown Vermont hemp. From seed to final product, Sunset Lake uses no pesticides, herbicides or harmful farming practices. 


CBD dropshipping can help you grow your business without the friction common in traditional business structures. As you grow, we grow with you. With Sunset Lake’s CBD dropshipping program, you don’t worry about the operational side of fulfillment. Leave that to us.


Let your customers pick from our wide and ever-growing selection of products. We offer multiple strains of hemp flower, pre rolled joints and blunts, edibles, infused coffee, and an impressive lineup of full-spectrum tinctures.

Sunset Lake CBD Dropshipping FAQs

What is CBD Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to build an eCommerce store. With no need to stock inventory nor manage product shipments, you can focus solely on marketing and building your brand. 

There is no need to buy products up front. You are only billed for the products you sell.

How Does CBD Dropshipping Work?

  1. You sign a CBD dropshipping agreement with Sunset Lake.
  2. You launch an eCommerce website where you want to list our products.
  3. A customer places an order on your website for your designated retail price. You then place the order on our website with your customer’s shipping details with a provided coupon code.
  4. Sunset Lake ships the products directly to your customer and you receive your portion of the sale.

What Products are Available for CBD Dropshipping?

Through our CBD dropshipping program we are able to ship: 

  • CBD Oil 
  • CBD Gummies 
  • CBD Edibles 
  • CBD Hemp Flower 
  • CBD Prerolls/Blunts 
  • CBD Kief 
  • CBD for Pets 
  • CBD Topicals

Is CBD Dropshipping Legal?

Absolutely. All of our products are compliant with the 2018 Farm bill, contain <0.03% THC by dry weight, and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. via the United States Postal Service. All of our third-party certificates of analysis can be viewed here.

Why Sunset Lake’s CBD Dropshipping Program?

We ship our products six days a week. We have excellent warehousing, shipping, and are always available should you or your customers run into any issues.

We are a seed-to-shelf CBD hemp supplier that is majority-owned by its workers. What does that mean? It means that we’re all invested in our own success and by extension your success. We also take pride in the hemp we grow and our handcrafted hemp products. 

How Do I Join Sunset Lake’s CBD Dropshipping Program?

There are a few requirements we have for potential CBD dropshipping partners: 

  • Have a website 
  • Be familiar with the dos and don’ts of selling CBD products (We can help you out here)
  • Have a discussion with our Director of Sales

Interested in our CBD dropshipping program?

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