17.89% CBD
Smokable Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Whether we’re packing a bowl, filling our vapes, or rolling up a joint, we here at Sunset Lake CBD are reaching for Hawaiian Haze hemp flower. This energizing Sativa-dominant bud is a 10/10 when it comes to smokability and flavor.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Bud Closeup

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower 

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is a Sativa-dominant strain that will impress you with its bright green buds and fruity aroma. Hawaiian Haze is also a great strain for folks new to hemp flower. It’s hard to overindulge, though, at a very respectable 17.89% total CBD, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. 

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is one of the original smokable hemp flower strains and has won a host of awards including 1st place at the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup, 1st place at the 2020 Outstanding Terpenes Golden Grow Awards, and 3rd place at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup.

Hawaiian Haze Genetics

DC Haze “CC” x Early Resin Berry (ERB) | Oregon CBD Seeds

Like many CBD hemp flower strains, Hawaiian Haze hemp flower can trace its roots back to some very high-yielding marijuana strains. Over time, geneticists have bred the THC out of the parent strains and bred CBD in. This technique has created bigger, high-CBD buds that look, smell, and smoke like traditional THC cannabis. 

What Strain Is Hawaiian Haze? 

Hawaiian Haze is one of the original strains from Oregon CBD Seeds. It earned its name from the uniquely fruity aroma that it exudes in the hemp fields. Based on smokability and flavor alone, Hawaiian Haze should be a go-to for all hemp flower smokers. 

Is Hawaiian Haze an Indica or Sativa? 

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross. Hawaiian Haze’s “Haze” properties certainly shine through when you smoke it, you can notice the hybrid characteristics in its beefed-up flower structure. 

Does Hawaiian Haze Get You High? 

Smoking Sunset Lake CBD’s Hawaiian Haze hemp flower will not make you feel high or intoxicated. 

To be considered hemp flower and not marijuana, smokable hemp must contain less than 0.3% d9-THC by dry weight. Instead of feeling high, as you would with traditional marijuana, you might feel much more relaxed or chilled when you smoke Hawaiian Haze. 

What Does Hawaiian Haze Feel Like? 

Smoking Sunset Lake CBD’s Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is good for morning and daytime use. Hawaiian Haze hemp flower may make you feel energized and clearheaded. 

Hawaiian Haze: Aroma and Taste

Hawaiian Haze smells much like its name suggests— tropical! Like a medley of tropical citrus, and peach.

Hawaiian Haze: Test Results

To see all of our Hawaiian Haze hemp flower certificates of analysis, please click here.

Total CBD – 17.89%

Total THC – 0.72%

d9THC – < 0.05%

CBD:THC Ratio – 25:1

Hawaiian Haze is a very aromatic bud, with terpenes making up 2.0% of its total weight. The top terpenes presenting in this year’s cultivar are: 

Myrcene – 1.14%

Alpha-Pinene – 0.33%

Beta-Caryophyllene – 0.16%

Limonene – 0.09%

Other minor terpenes present in our Hawaiian Haze hemp flower include:





Growing Information

We germinated our Hawaiian Haze hemp flower in our new greenhouses up in Vermont’s Champlain Islands. Once they were big enough to transplant, we moved the Hawaiian Haze seedlings to their field rows. 

We do not use any pesticides at any point during germination, growing, flowering or harvesting. Instead, with guidance from the University of Vermont extension school, we used an integrated pest management system and employed the use of Trichogramma parasitic wasps, assassin bugs, and ladybugs to control unwanted pests. 

Hawaiian Haze Hand-Trimmed Flower Or Smalls? 

There isn’t much difference between our jars of hand-trimmed Hawaiian Haze hemp flower and our pouches of Hawaiian Haze smalls. 

The buds that make it into our hand-trimmed jars are bigger and we take more care to ensure that every jar has shelf appeal. The Hawaiian Haze smalls are sorted, machine-trimmed buds that are leftover and broken off during the hand-trimming process. 

Sunset Lake CBD’s Hawaiian Haze Reviews

Gene B. | old soldier

I really like, and enjoy this product. After work, I can’t really wait for an edible. A couple of tokes of Haze, and my knee pain eases, I feel relaxed, and it helps me cope with my PTSD. love the smell, and flavor to boot.

Carl G. | Flower Smalls For Rollin’ Smoke

If you got kids around you may not want them watching you roll doobies. By all means, buy the pre rolls if it’s more convenient for you. That said, I never thought I would forget how to twist a roll but it does take some getting use to. Most of us would rather burn a roll that mess with gumming up a pipes and all that maintenance. Everyone has their method how they like storage of their smoke. I like mason jars in about 60 percent humidity in the room. To each their own, do you like fatty’s or skinny’s depends on your situation. I find rolls to be the best delivery system for my needs. By the end of the month, I find the 2020 Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Smalls does not tire of the taste and effect of the CDB. I can say I burned a half pound this year and look forward to smoking the next half pound.

Mike D. | NICE

Very nice. Healthy.

I also use Hemp oil and

Other cannabis products, sometimes mixing

Together with the “Haze“, I have had great success stopping some chronic pain I’ve had forever. I can recommend the flower. “Hawaiian Haze.”


Packaging, Options, and Shipping

All of our online retail packages are shipped discreetly and directly to your door. Each package will contain relevant certificates of analysis, travel documents, and Sunset Lake CBD’s State of Vermont Hemp Grower’s Registration. 

Our Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is available in three options: 

If you’re a business and interested in carrying Sunset Lake CBD’s Hawaiian Haze in your retail location(s), please get in touch with us here.