CBN gummies are becoming a popular before-bed supplement that promises to help with your sleep quality and night pains. Is that all cannabis industry hype? Or is there a good reason that CBD brands are diversifying their lineups with this new cannabinoid? 

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Both CBD and CBN are naturally occurring cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant, although their unique characteristics do not make them substitutes for each other. CBD, the more popular of the two, is the subject of extensive medical research as of this writing. CBN on the other hand is still relatively new but is being touted by many hemp companies as a silver bullet for all of your sleep problems. How far off the mark are they, and is there really that much of a difference between CBN vs. CBD? 

In this post, we’ll explore a few topics:

  • What are the similarities between CBN and CBD?
  • What are the differences between CBN vs. CBD?
  • Are there any benefits to taking CBN?
  • Which is better at helping you get to sleep? CBN or CBD?

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