It’s a problem that plagues a good many hemp flower enthusiasts: you find a great deal on bulk hemp flower— too good to pass up. Your eyes grow a bit bigger while you look at its trichome macros. You reach for your wallet and before you know it you get a confirmation email for a whole pound of hemp flower.

Three days later your package arrives safe and sound on your doorstep. Those first few moments after opening it are glorious; a whole vacuum-sealed block of bud bigger than your head and it’s just for you. But now it’s a week later. You’ve cut into that pound and used maybe 18 of your 454 grams. What do you do with the rest of it?

In this post, we’ll talk about,

  • How to best store your bulk hemp flower
  • What environmental factors hurt potency
  • How long your flower can last with proper care

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