If you’ve spent any time digging into the wide world of cannabis and hemp, you may have come across smokable flower labeled either Indica or Sativa. They aren’t the same, and by old rules of thumb, each should elicit different effects. So which one is right for you— Indica vs. Sativa?

In this post, we’ll be looking at, 

  • How Indicas make you feel vs. how Sativas make you feel
  • How Indica plants are structured vs how Sativa plants are structured 
  • When should you use Indica strains vs. when you should use Sativa strains

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It’s a common question we get from potential customers and lookie-loos alike: Can you smoke hemp? The short answer is yes. Just like traditional THC cannabis that you may be familiar with, hemp, and specifically slow-cured hemp buds, are perfect for smoking. 

In this post, we’ll talk about,

  • The benefits of smoking hemp
  • How hemp is different than marijuana
  • What parts of the hemp plant you can smoke
  • And more…

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