A jar of CBN gummies on a nightstand. Text says "Where to buy cbn online?"

A full night’s rest isn’t something you should leave up to chance. But with so many cannabis retailers out there selling CBN nighttime drops or CBN gummies, how can you be confident in the CBN you’re buying? Don’t worry—we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on what to look for when you’re ready to buy CBN online, ensuring you get the best quality product.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • Website green flags
  • Social media scouting
  • Verified reviews

Buy CBN Online from a Reputable Website

Buying CBN from a reputable online retailer may sound simple, but because cannabinoids are still very much the wild, wild west regarding regulation and rules, finding a retailer you can trust is tough. It’s essential to understand what differentiates a trustworthy seller from a potentially shady one.

Website Smell Test

Think of an eCommerce store as a salesperson. The first question you should ask yourself is: can I trust them? For many, it’s a gut reaction. Trust your instincts. If the CBN vendor’s website doesn’t look trustworthy, don’t bother with them.

Some red flags to look for are:

  • Popups trying to take you to a new site: This can be a sign of malicious intent or an unreliable business.
  • Poor-quality images or stock images: Quality images usually indicate the business has invested in showcasing its product correctly.
  • Typos on the homepage: Carelessness in presentation often reflects carelessness in business practices.
  • Explicit health claims about CBN or any other cannabinoids: These are disallowed by the FDA and indicate the business may be making false claims.

Comparing with Competitors

When comparing your chosen website with competitor sites, look for the following:

  • Professional Design: High-quality websites have intuitive navigation, professional graphics, and clear, concise content.
  • Detailed Product Information: Reputable sites will provide comprehensive details about their products, including ingredients, usage instructions, and benefits.
  • Customer Support: Look for live chat options, easy-to-find contact information, and responsive customer service.

Find Their Certificates of Analysis

A certificate of analysis (COA) is a document from an accredited third-party lab that confirms your cannabinoid product meets advertised specifications. COAs tell you a few things, most importantly the concentrations and variety of cannabinoids present in your product.

Your retailer should include certificates of analysis with every CBD and CBN purchase because:

  • They ensure that your product contains advertised levels of CBD and CBN: This guarantees you are getting what you paid for.
  • They indicate whether the cannabis product is federally legal hemp or a federally prohibited cannabis product: Compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill is crucial.
  • They check for the presence of any contaminants or additives: Ensuring your product is safe to consume.

Curious to see Sunset Lake CBD’s certificates of analysis? You can see them here.

Detailed Comparison with Competitors

Look at how competitors present their COAs. Are they easily accessible? Do they provide a detailed breakdown of the contents? The best sites will have a dedicated section for COAs and make them easily downloadable.

Social Links

Most companies that engage in online commerce will have some sort of social media presence. It’s a great way to engage with customers and receive feedback.

If the company you’re considering buying from doesn’t have or publicly display its social media channels on its site, that could be a red flag. A lack of social media presence can indicate a lack of transparency or customer engagement.

Check Their Social Media Accounts

Once you find a farm that you want to buy CBN online from, check out their social links. Most companies and farms will have them not only for advertising but to maintain another line of communication with existing and potential customers.

Are They Active?

Is the farm or company active? When was the last time they posted? Long periods of radio silence may indicate that the company or farm is out of business or that they’re not necessarily the right farm for you.

Comparing with Competitors

Compare their social media activity with competitors:

  • Frequency of Posts: Active engagement with regular posts.
  • Content Quality: High-quality images, videos, and informative content.
  • Customer Interaction: Responses to comments and messages indicate a responsive company.

Do They Engage?

Engagement is more of a vibe check than a deal-breaker. If the company you’re scouting maintains a healthy social ecosystem and answers questions in a helpful and timely manner, that’s a good sign. Look for:

  • Customer Queries: How quickly and effectively they respond to customer questions.
  • Feedback Handling: Whether they address both positive and negative feedback constructively.

Do They Have Customer Reviews?

Before you press that “Buy Now” button, look at customer reviews, both on and off the website. It may turn out that previous buyers have extra insight into how best to use the product, some tips on dosing, or, in worst-case scenarios, you may find that the CBN product in question may not help with sleep at all.

There are two types of reviews to consider when buying CBN online:

Internal Reviews

Does the website host any internal product or company reviews? Do they seem like they’re from real people? Large third-party retailers that carry different brands should prominently feature a good number of reviews on their websites. For smaller, vertically integrated farms, there may be fewer total reviews.

Detailed Comparison with Competitors

Compare the internal reviews with those on competitor sites. Look for:

  • Authenticity: Genuine reviews from real customers.
  • Volume: A higher number of reviews indicates more sales and trust.
  • Responses: Vendor responses to reviews show their commitment to customer service.

External Reviews

After you’ve checked out your vendor’s internal product reviews, head over to sites like Google and Yelp and search for the retailer’s name. Look for:

  • What the online community is saying about the vendor, their customer service, and the CBN products: A broad range of reviews can give you a balanced view.
  • The Google star rating: Higher ratings generally indicate better quality.
  • Consistency: Do the reviews on the vendor’s website match the tone and ratings of the reviews found on third-party sites? They should if everything is on the up and up.

Comparing with Competitors

Look at external reviews of competitors. Are their ratings consistently high? Do they have a strong presence on review sites?

One Last Thing Before You Buy CBN Online…

After conducting a thorough review, but before you buy CBN online, ensure you look for certificates of analysis. Make sure that the dosage of CBN is within 10% of the level advertised on the product, the document was produced within the last 12 months, and there are no nasty additives.

Once you’ve done all the above, you should be ready and more than able to buy CBN online and keep yourself safe from nasty products or worse, vendors.

Comparison with Competitors

When comparing your chosen vendor with competitors, consider the following:

  • Transparency: Does the vendor provide clear and detailed information about their products?
  • Customer Feedback: Do they actively engage with and respond to customer feedback?
  • Product Quality: How do their product offerings compare in terms of quality and variety?


Buying CBN online requires due diligence to ensure you get a high-quality product from a trustworthy vendor. By following the guidelines in this article—checking website trustworthiness, looking for COAs, evaluating social media presence, and reading customer reviews—you can confidently choose a reputable retailer. Remember to compare your chosen site with competitors to ensure you’re getting the best possible product.

If you have any questions about buying CBN or want to ask anyone here at Sunset Lake CBD about our Sleep Gummies with CBN and CBD, please drop us a line here.


  1. What should I look for when buying CBN online?
    • Look for a reputable website, certificates of analysis, active social media presence, and genuine customer reviews.
  2. Why are certificates of analysis important when buying CBN?
    • They confirm that the product meets advertised specifications, ensuring safety and compliance with legal standards.
  3. How can I trust a CBN retailer’s website?
    • Check for professional design, clear information, and the absence of red flags like popups and typos.
  4. Why is a company’s social media presence important when buying CBN?
    • It indicates the company’s engagement with customers and its transparency in operations.
  5. Where can I find reviews of CBN products?
    • Look for reviews on the retailer’s website and on third-party platforms like Google and Yelp.