A woman pulling a CBD cigarette from a pouch. Text reads "Hempettes vs CBD cigarettes"

As more and more smokable products come onto the market, you’ll want to know the differences between them so that you can both try different varieties and find your favorites, and because the best way to get your money’s worth is to become a knowledgable shopper. You may have seen hempettes and CBD prerolls next to each other on the racks at your local headshop. The differences between hempettes vs. CBD cigarettes are subtle, but they do matter.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the differences between hempettes vs. CBD cigarettes and,

  • How hempettes and CBD cigarettes are made
  • What each is made out of
  • And their similarities

What Is A Hempette?

A hempette is a shortened name for “hemp cigarette.” They’re named such because they are cigarette-shaped prerolls made using CBD hemp flower instead of tobacco. 

Like traditional cigarettes, hempettes are generally sold in packs of 20 and are easily mass-produced using cigarette-filling machines. Unlike traditional cigarettes, hempettes contain no nicotine (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.)

What Are Hempettes Made Of?

Hempettes are generally made with three simple parts: 

  • Rolling paper – Generally made of lightweight “rag fibers” like pressed flax, hemp, and rice straw. 
  • Mouthpiece filter – Made with imitation cork paper. That traditional brown cigarette filter tip. 
  • Hemp fill – Ground up, dried hemp material. This can include CBD-rich flowers and fibers from the hemp plant. Hemp fill isn’t ideal for delivering sizable doses of CBD. 

How Are Hempettes Made?

Depending on the manufacturer and scale, hempettes can be made the same way traditional tobacco cigarettes are made. 

The process starts by creating one long hempette called a “rod.” Rods are made when a spool of rolling paper multiple meters long is unrolled and filled with hemp fill. A machine then wraps the unrolled paper around the hemp fill and forms one long hempette. 

A cutting machine slices the single rod into shorter pieces and inserts filters at both ends. Another cutting machine then cuts each double-filtered rod, producing two filtered hempettes.

Are Hempettes Good For You?

Hempettes are a great alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes— raw hemp fill is far less damaging than cigarette tobacco cigarettes. That said, smoking hempettes, or anything for that matter, isn’t good for your health. 

Do Hempettes Get You High?

Smoking hempettes will not make you feel intoxicated. 

To be considered hemp and not marijuana, smokable hemp must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight. Instead of feeling “high” as you might with traditional marijuana, you might feel much more relaxed or chilled out due to the CBD in smokable hemp.

What’s A CBD Cigarette?

CBD cigarettes can refer to a few different things. During this piece’s initial writing, CBD cigarettes were a stand-in, albeit an uncommon one, for CBD prerolls.

CBD Cigarettes (prerolls) contained a higher-quality fill, higher CBD content, and were more expensive than hempette products. 

More recently, the name “CBD Cigarette” has increasingly been used to describe what we might traditionally call a hempette— we’ll call that a growing pain for the hemp industry. For the remainder of this piece though, whenever we refer to CBD Cigarettes, we’ll be referring to CBD prerolls.

What Are CBD Cigarettes Made Of?

CBD Cigarettes are made of a few parts.

  • Pre-rolled paper cones – Generally made of 100% pure hemp fiber. You can buy these from brick-and-mortar or online headshops. 
  • Mouthpiece – This part is more often than not built into the pre-rolled paper cone and is a thicker piece of hemp-pressed cardstock rolled into an m-pattern. 
  • CBD flower fill – Ground up, cured hemp flower material (including kief.) Because hemp flowers are where a lot of the hemp plant’s CBD (and sometimes moisture) is stored, this fill can be too sticky for effective rolling. Humidity control is a must when manufacturing CBD cigarettes.

How Are CBD Cigarettes Made?

Unlike hempettes, companies manufacture CBD cigarettes in many different ways. 

At Sunset Lake CBD, we roll our CBD cigarettes with a mechanical fill machine. First, we fill the machine with pre-rolled cones, introduce fill and let the machine pack the prerolls. We then pull, inspect, and fold each preroll by hand to ensure quality and a consistent pack. Sunset Lake CBD’s awesome production team ensures that each preroll is the best it can be throughout the process. 

Do CBD Cigarettes Get You High?

Smoking CBD cigarettes will not make you feel “high” or intoxicated. 

To be considered hemp and not marijuana, smokable hemp must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight. Instead of feeling “high” as you might with traditional marijuana, you might feel much more relaxed or chilled out due to the CBD. 

Are CBD Cigarettes Addictive?

CBD is a naturally occurring, non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…” 

Folks trying to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes should consider CBD cigarettes as an alternative. Users report that CBD helps mellow them out, while the act of smoking helps them ramp down on their nicotine addiction rather than going cold turkey.

Hempettes vs. CBD Cigarettes

More seasoned smokers might be able to tell the difference between hempettes and CBD cigarettes, but we may be able to help fill in some gaps.

  • CBD Content – CBD cigarettes (prerolls) contain higher levels of CBD than hempettes. This is mainly due to the quality of the fill. Hempettes contain all parts of the hemp plant— stalk, leaves, and flower. While this helps create a highly smokable, homogenized blend it isn’t as potent as CBD cigarettes’ exclusively hemp-flower fill. 
  • Shape – Hempettes look much like traditional cigarettes while CBD cigarettes look more like cones or joints. 
  • Price – Because of the more expensive fill and labor required to make CBD cigarettes, they are more expensive than hempettes.
  • Material – CBD cigarettes contain mostly hemp flower and are made of mostly hemp. Hempettes on the other hand contain more parts of the hemp plant and are made with non-hemp paper.

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