A man smoking a preroll. Text reads "Prerolls: An appreciation post"

A simple construction that needs no introduction

Today, we’ll be talking about everything prerolls,

  • What prerolls are
  • Different styles of prerolls
  • What’s in them

What’s A Preroll?

Prerolls are considered one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption. It’s easy to understand why. Pre-rolled joints are easily transportable, disposable, relatively environmentally friendly, and above all— iconic. 

Technically speaking, a preroll is made up of cannabis, (either THC cannabis or hemp flower) shaped into a cylinder and rolled up behind a sturdier mouthpiece in a thin rice or hemp paper.

Think cigarette, but substitute cannabis for tobacco, and replace the foam filter with a rolled-up piece of thick paper or cardboard and you’ve got it! Just place the mouthpiece between your lips, light the other end, and inhale. It’s just that easy.

A Piece of Preroll History

The first commercial cannabis preroll hit the market in the 1870s. Grimault’s Indian Cigarettes were advertised to help alleviate asthma and bronchitis because they included resin from Indica cannabis plants. No, seriously. They contained dried belladonna leaves, Cannabis Indica extract, and nitrate of potash.

Five prerolls laid across a hemp leaf

Why Prerolls?

Pre-rolled joints and pre-rolled blunts offer individuals the ultimate convenience. There’s no need to prepare your hemp flower, transport any bulky smoking pipes, or wait for your vaporizer to charge. 

All you need is a lighter. 

The Many Pre-Rolled Faces

As with any icon, there have been many iterations and remixes. Let’s take a look at the most common.

The Dogwalker

The classic. Not much needs to be said about this classic preroll. Weighing in between 0.3g and 0.5g, this preroll gets its name from its ideal-for-one-smoker size. Leash up the dog, take a walk, and enjoy yourself.

The Cone

What you’ll normally find on the shelf at your local hemp flower retailer or cannabis shop. These cones hold anywhere between 0.6g to 1g of material. They might be a bit big for one sitting, but you can always put it out and save some for later.

Hemp Blunts

Instead of paper, these pre-rolled blunts are made using pressed hemp leaf, hence the name. These have the added benefit of containing some CBD in the wrap itself which can lend itself to your smoking experience.


Lately, there’s been a trend to take good ol’ prerolls and take them to the entire next level. Whether that’s dipping the entire preroll into cannabis extract (like kief) or mixing solidified extracts with the flower inside. Either way, this new class of preroll packs a serious punch.

How Are Prerolls Made?

A common misconception is that pre-rolled joints and pre-rolled blunts are prepared by hand. Prerolls are commonly made using pre-coned papers, loaded into a machine, and filled with loose material. The machine uses vibration, time, and an experienced operator to make sure each joint is packed to perfection. 

Once done in the filling machine, the prerolls are pulled, inspected, packed once, and closed by hand.

What Are Prerolls Filled With?

There are a lot of different forms of hemp flower that a pre-rolled blunt or paper can be filled with. Most DIYers will opt for ground-up hemp flowers when making pre-rolled joints. 

You can also fill your joint with the sugar leaves (leaves covered in trichomes) trimmed from the buds and combined with the trim. The trick is finding a blend that’s both effective, tasty, and not too moist— otherwise, the material won’t pack well.

Prerolls vs. Joints

This is more of a square and rectangle situation rather than a this or that. Technically all joints are prerolls, but not all prerolls are joints. 

While joints are more of a labor of love, usually rolled by hand, you likely won’t find anything called a “joint” sold at your local CBD retailer. Preroll is the standard cannabis-industry jargon because it’s already pre-rolled when the customer buys it. Prerolls are also generally packed using a machine, meaning that they’re also likely to be more consistent than hand-rolled joints.

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