What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower may smell and look nearly identical to its genetic cousin, THC cannabis (marijuana), but they are vastly different when it comes to medical, recreational, and industrial use. 

In this post on CBD hemp flower, we will explain: 

  • What CBD hemp flower is,
  • How CBD hemp flower is legal (according to the U.S. government) 
  • The effects of using CBD hemp flower 
  • And, different ways to use CBD hemp flower 

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower, sometime referred to as CBD hemp buds or simply buds, come from female hemp plants. As the female plant matures and enters the flowering stage of its lifecycle, it puts more energy into producing flowers covered in sticky compounds called trichomes. Think of it as nature’s all-natural Velcro. These trichomes, where CBD and other cannabinoids form, are created to try and capture airborne pollen released by male hemp plants.

Female hemp plants that are never pollinated create more of these trichomes meaning that they also create more sought-after cannabinoids. CBD hemp flower is harvested from these seedless hemp plants, dried, cured, and sold as a smokable flower. 

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Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes, with some exceptions… 

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is “cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC.” and is no longer included on the DEA’s schedule I controlled substances list. Hemp is now considered by the federal government to be an agricultural commodity and certain products, like CBD hemp flower, are now federally legal.

Aside from cultivation, processing, sale, and transportation of CBD hemp flower products is also legal. (Provided your vendor has the right paperwork!)

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Some states have concluded that sale of CBD hemp flower is no longer allowed in-state. But that can’t stop entities like the United States Postal Service from delivering hemp to residences in that state. Once delivered it falls to the buyer to ensure compliance.

How is CBD Hemp Flower Different From Marijuana?

Appearances are deceiving! While CBD hemp flower and marijuana look and smell nearly identical, the effects derived from each couldn’t be more different. 

Whereas marijuana buds contain the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid— the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s euphoric effects— CBD hemp flower is specifically bred to contain less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight. 

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That means that CBD hemp flower will not elicit the same mind-bending effects as marijuana.

What Does CBD Hemp Flower Do?

While most of the science is still in the very early stages, there is a growing community of users with their own anecdotal evidence that claim CBD hemp flower helps them manage: 

  • Sleep. 
  • Appetite. 
  • Anxious feelings. 
  • Pain caused by arthritis.
  • Number and severity of seizures. 

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has so far only approved one CBD-based drug, Epidiolex; they are hesitant to allow companies to make any medical claims about their CBD products.

Are There Side Effects When Using CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD has been found to be non-toxic to human beings, even in cases of extreme dosing. No fatalities have been reported due to CBD ingestion, and the Department of Health and Human Services claim that there are no indications of toxicity with chronic CBD use. 

The World Health Organization has even stated that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” So while CBD isn’t toxic or habit-forming in humans, it does come with its share of minor side effects. 

More in-depth research published in a 2017 issue of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research discusses the side effects of CBD usage. The most common include: 

  • Feelings of Nausea 
  • Mood changes and feelings of anxiety
  • Dry mouth and red eyes

Of course, if you take any medications, it would be wise to consult a doctor before adding CBD hemp flower or CBD in general to your regimen.

How Is CBD Hemp Flower Used?

There are a number of ways one can ingest their preferred dosage of CBD hemp flower. 

Sunset Lake’s CBD Hemp Flower

At Sunset Lake we like to use our own CBD hemp flower, not just sell it. That means we take pride in our flower, we refuse to use pesticides, and we regularly have our CBD hemp flower tested by third parties to ensure the utmost quality.

Updated July 7, 2021

Disclaimer: This post is not legal advice. It is purely for informational purposes. 


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