Pet CBD Tincture

One 2oz bottle of full spectrum Pet blend CBD oil from Sunset Lake CBD

Our low-potency CBD Pet Tincture is made of two simple ingredients, hemp extract and flavorless MCT oil derived from coconuts.

The result is a mild-tasting tincture that is easy to dose according to your pet’s needs.

About The Pet CBD Tincture

Perhaps you’ve heard that CBD may be able to help your four-legged family member with their bouts of anxiety or joint pain. While a pet CBD tincture may be a great choice for your pet, it can be a little bit daunting on where to start. There are so many on the market now.

If you want something simple, easy to dose, and nearly flavorless (for our pickier pets) then Sunset Lake CBD’s 600mg Pet CBD Tincture may be a great choice for you.

What Are Pet CBD Tinctures?

Tinctures are a mix of one or more herbs in a concentrated liquid form. Traditional tinctures are alcohol-based, though in the last few years the name “tincture” has been applied to oil-based oral drops.

Sunset Lake CBD’s Pet CBD Tincture is an oil-based tincture that we handcraft by extracting CBD from hemp we grow and combining it with organic MCT oil.  Because cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) are fat soluble, they are evenly distributed throughout the carrier oil and allow for consistent dosing.

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How We Make Pet CBD Tinctures

We make Pet CBD Tinctures by first extracting CBD from our hemp flower harvest with a cold ethanol bath. The ethanol separates the CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids from the plant material before we evaporate it off leaving us with a crude hemp extract. We take this extract, refine it, and activate the CBD inside through a process called decarboxylation.

Once we have an activated hemp extract we use our test results and some math to homogenize it into our organic MCT oil. We don’t add any flavoring as this formula is our most mild and pets react differently to flavors than humans do.

How To Use Pet CBD Tinctures

There are a few different ways you can use this Pet CBD Tincture,

Directly Into Your Pet’s Mouth | Faster

For more rapid absorption and onset, fill the dropper inside the tincture to your desired level and dispense the tincture directly into your pet’s mouth. While this is the fastest way to use your CBD pet tincture, there are some risks involved like,

  • Your pet may spit out the tincture
  • You may get bitten
  • Many pets unfamiliar with the product may not like this route
In Food Or Water | Gentle

We recommend giving your pet their CBD pet tincture via their food or water. Because this formula is relatively tasteless, your four-legged friend is unlikely to notice that it’s present. You can also try dropping some onto your pet’s favorite treat. This will help get your pet acclimated to the product.

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Topically | Targeted Relief

You can also use this pet CBD tincture topically on your pet’s skin. It won’t do anything on fur, but if your pet has a visible wound, irritation, or cracked paw pads, this tincture may be able to help calm some of the inflammation and allow your pet some relief.

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What Does This CBD Pet Tincture Do?

Sunset Lake CBD’s pet CBD tincture is a full-spectrum product, unlike many other pet products on the market. That means that using this tincture will allow your pet to benefit from the entourage effect. Most pet owners have reported successfully using this pet CBD tincture to manage their pets,

Because CBD isn’t psychoactive, giving your pet CBD oil will not get them “stoned” or intoxicated. Most pet owners report successfully using CBD to manage their pet’s

Full-Spectrum CBD

There are over 100 different cannabinoids present in the hemp plant at the time of harvesting, including CBD. Each cannabinoid plays its own, if not totally understood, part in interacting with your endocannabinoid system. When all are present in a product, it is considered to have the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Because we believe in the importance of these cannabinoid interactions, we don’t remove any cannabinoids from the hemp extracts that we use to produce this pet CBD tincture.

A bag of CBD Dog Treats next to a 600mg Pet Blend CBD Oil

Pet CBD Tincture Bundles

We’ve made it easy to save when you bundle the 600mg Pet CBD Tincture with the CBD Dog Snacks in our CBD Pet Bundle.

Storage Directions

To maintain freshness, keep your 600mg Pet CBD Tincture in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A medicine cabinet or your nightstand drawer is an ideal place for your tincture. Excessive heat and exposure to sunlight can degrade the CBD in your tincture. Refrigeration is not recommended for bottles currently in use.

When properly stored, your pet’s CBD tincture will maintain its potency for up to 18 months.


Organic MCT Oil (from coconuts), Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Contains coconuts. Vegan and gluten-free.

Frequently Asked Product Questions

Will This Tincture Make My Pet High?

We make our pet CBD tincture with extract from industrial hemp plants that contain high levels of CBD and virtually no delta-9 THC (marijuana’s psychoactive cannabinoid)

This difference is important because high levels of THC can be toxic to dogs and make them “high.” CBD, on the other hand, is safe for you and your pets.

Can Humans Take Pet CBD?

This is a product-dependent question, but yes you can absolutely dose yourself with this pet CBD tincture. We use the same recipe for our human tinctures and our pet tinctures. The only difference is in each product’s potency. Our pet CBD tincture is a little less than half the concentration of our next tincture, the 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

Is CBD For Pets The Same As For Humans

A bit of an add-on to the last question: yes, CBD for pets is the same as CBD for humans. The only meaningful difference between pet CBD products and human CBD products you’ll find is normally in the formulations. Pet products have looser restrictions on them.

Luckily, here at Sunset Lake CBD, we make all of our CBD products with only the best ingredients. That includes our pet CBD products.

How Long Does The Pet CBD Tincture Last?

Provided that you store your tincture according to the section above, in a cool, dry, dark place, your product should be good for up to 18 months after your purchase.

Why Choose Sunset Lake CBD’s Pet CBD Tincture?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Sunset Lake CBD’s lineup of hand-crafted CBD products. If you aren’t sold on our sun-grown practices, then you should take a look at our affordability!

Here’s how we stack up against the competition (according to the Washingtonian)

Company Product Price Price per mg of CBD
Batch Pet CBD Oil Tincture (375mg | 30mL) $34.99 $0.093
CBDfx CBD Pet Tincture (500mg | 30mL) $49.99 $0.099
Medterra CBD Pet Oil (750mg | 30mL) $39.99 $0.053
Sunset Lake CBD 600mg Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil Tincture $29.99 $0.049

Sunset Lake Pet CBD Oil Reviews

I bought this tincture because my miniature pinscher had two seizures. She is an otherwise young, healthy and active dog. Because of this she is not a good candidate for anti seizure medication at this time. Her seizures are not frequent and they do not last for long periods of time. I decided to put her on CBD in the hopes it would stave off more seizures, preventing the necessity of putting her on anti seizure medication for the rest of her life. She has not had another seizure since I began using Sunset’s pet tincture.

We have a high energy Aussie mix, with some anxiety issues. She is also aging and showing signs of arthritis. We use Sunset Lake CBD for humans and it is the best tincture we have used, so we gave the Pet Tincture a try for her. We thought she might not like the taste since it doesn’t have any flavoring, but she loves it! We put it on her food each morning and evening, and it does help with all of the issues we hoping to mitigate for her. It will take a little time to see the full effect, but we think others will be just as pleased as we are.

Thanks Sunset Lake for making a great CBD for pets too!

We’ve been using CBD products for our dogs for years now. We’ve switched to Sunset Lake to support a local Vermont business and we’ve noticed a huge difference in our dogs’ anxiety. We love the pet cbd specifically as the measuring is simple and not too overpowering. Hits just the right spot.

I put a drop or two on my cat’s treats and he eats them right up. 30 min later he is sleeping on his back with paws in the air with that “cat smile.” I chuckle because it’s so darn cute. Happy that it helps reduce his anxiety as well. The seller is phenomenal. I had a problem with my first order and he resolved it right away. I even got a handwritten note which adds that perfect touch. Will be ordering again. Thank you so much.