While our feline friends are generally easygoing, merely wanting to be watered, fed, and given a few scratches— on their terms of course— cats can benefit from regular CBD use. Cats go through different stages during their development and can occasionally exhibit signs of stress-related anxiety. This can manifest in your cat as hyperactivity, excessive grooming, change in appetite, and furniture destruction. 

Your cat’s behavioral changes can be triggered by a number of changes in your home— a recent move, new roommates or children in the house, and even introducing a new four-legged friend to the home. CBD can regulate your cat’s behavior and help them maintain a calmer disposition. This can allow your cat to experience said changes without exhibiting self-destructive behaviors and make your home a more harmonious place.

In this post, we’ll cover

  • What CBD is
  • How CBD can benefit cats
  • And how to give your feline friend CBD

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