What does the “best by” date on your jar of hemp flower mean? Can the cannabinoids— the active ingredients inside— expire? The short answer is, yes, sort of. While the flower itself isn’t going to go bad for quite some time, the cannabinoids that you’re buying the flower for (whether CBD or THC) can oxidize and lose potency. Understanding cannabinoid oxidation and its factors is crucial to keeping your flower fresh and stable.

In this post, we’re going to cover,

  • What cannabinoid oxidation is
  • How oxidation changes THC and CBD
  • And, how to prevent your flower from oxidizing

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Edible THC products are becoming more popular in today’s hemp market. You may have found this blog while looking for gummies infused with hemp-derived THC. 

Have you ever wondered why edible THC seems to be more powerful than inhaled THC? You’re in luck. We’ll cover that and the following in this post.  Continue reading “What Is Edible THC? 5 Tips On How To Safely Enjoy Edibles”