Cordyceps fungi from the ground. Text reads Cordyceps gummies: Comprehensive Guide

Cordyceps gummies have been piquing the interest of many in the world of holistic health recently. It’s no wonder why— Cordyceps, a type of functional mushroom gummy, has been used by many throughout history to help with stamina, energy, and immune support. 

In the rest of this post, we’ll talk briefly about what Cordyceps gummies are, and,

  • What you can take Cordyceps Gummies for
  • Other ways to take Cordyceps 
  • How and where to look for Cordyceps Gummies
  • And, answer some of the internet’s most popular questions about this functional fungi

What Are Cordyceps Gummies?

Cordyceps gummies are gummies or chews that have been infused with the extract of Cordyceps fungi. Generally, Cordyceps gummies contain extracts from two different species of Cordyceps, Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris

Sinesis vs. Militaris

Of the more than 400 species of Cordyceps, two have become the subject of much research. There aren’t too many differences between Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris

  1. Humans can grow Cordyceps militaris in a lab setting, while Cordyceps sinesis is the “wild” species found in nature. 
  2. Cordyceps militaris is richer in cordycepin, a compound that helps manage inflammation and cell growth. Cordyceps sinesis contains more adenosine, an endocannabinoid that helps maintain energy levels. 

How Do You Take Cordyceps Gummies For Energy? 

As with any edible supplement, you’ll want to give your Cordyceps gummies some time to take effect. The onset time of edible Cordyceps should be between 30-90 minutes depending on metabolism and whether or not you take them on an empty stomach. 

If your goal is to maintain your energy levels throughout the day, take your Cordyceps gummy after your first meal. Doing so will allow your body to digest the supplement more gradually. 

Do not stack your Cordyceps doses, meaning if you don’t ‘feel’ anything after 30 minutes, don’t double up your dose. Doing so can lead to an upset stomach and nausea. 

Can Cordyceps Gummies Help With Endurance?

Taking Cordyceps for endurance is not new. Cordyceps are believed to be so good at boosting endurance that they were mistaken for steroids during the 1993 Olympics when the Chinese Women’s Track Team stunned the world with their success. Their secret: Cordyceps powder (and most likely some other performance-enhancing drugs.)

To further support the claims about Cordyceps’s endurance-boosting properties, a 2017 study found that chronic supplementation helped improve tolerance to high-intensity exercise.¹ 

Do Cordyceps Gummies Help With Sexual Endurance?

While there haven’t been any studies about Cordyceps and bedroom performance, it’s not out of the question. Endurance is endurance after all. 

Are There Other Ways To Take Cordyceps? 

Besides Cordyceps gummies, there are a handful of ways that you can work this functional fungus into your daily routine. You can also find Cordyceps in

  • Alcohol-based tinctures – Just like Sunset Lake’s own CBD oil, these ethanol-based tinctures come in small one and two-ounce bottles. You can put the solution under your tongue and in beverages. 
  • Capsules – Cordyceps capsules are as simple as filling gelatin- or collagen-based capsules with ground-up Cordyceps.  
  • Powders – You can just as easily find Cordyceps in powdered form. You may use powdered Cordyceps to make tinctures, or capsules, or blend it with other functional mushrooms for an entourage effect. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cordyceps Gummies?


One of the biggest advantages of Cordyceps gummies is their taste. Fungus isn’t a flavor most folks are accustomed to and we don’t blame them. While mushrooms can take some time to get used to, gummies that mask the fungi flavor are ready right out of the jar. 


What’s more convenient, swallowing a capsule or eating a delicious gummy? Cordyceps gummies are the most convenient way to work this functional mushroom into your day because they’re ready to eat and don’t require any beverage to swallow. 

Consistent Dosing

While liquid and powdered Cordyceps may be more cost-effective meaning that you get more milligrams (mg) for your dollar, there is always a worry of inconsistent dosing. Before they’re poured, gummies are homogenized and each gummy should contain the same amount of active ingredients. 

Entourage Effect

Gummies can be a vehicle for all sorts of beneficial supplements. While other forms of Cordyceps are strictly just that, Cordyceps gummies have the added benefit of “mix-ability.” You may see some Cordyceps gummies that also contain additional functional mushrooms, like Lion’s Mane, and maybe even some cannabinoids. The possibilities are endless. 

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Where Can You Buy Cordyceps Gummies?

You can buy Cordyceps gummies from several natural food retailers and in many online stores. You should know how to spot quality products though. 

  1. Fungi source- because the natural food and supplement market is underregulated, ingredient quality should always be your number one concern. Look for functional mushroom products that are sourced in North America or the EU. The United States, Canada, etc. have higher quality standards than other nations when it comes to supplements. 
  2. Properly dosed – Again, because of the underregulated nature of the supplement market, many companies think that they can underdose their products because a consumer may not know how much they should take. Look for products that contain a fair amount of Cordyceps extract (at least 250mg per serving). 
  3. Fruiting bodies – When it comes to functional mushroom gummies, look for products made with extract from “fruiting bodies.” 

FAQ About Cordyceps Gummies… 

What Is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a genus of fungi that includes several species. Cordyceps sinesis and Cordyceps militaris are the most recognizable. While their lifecycle is somewhat gruesome— Cordyceps generally reproduce by infecting and sprouting from several species of bugs— the fungus has been used in Eastern traditional medicines for centuries. 

Are Cordyceps Gummies Safe? 

Cordyceps gummies and the Cordyceps fungi itself are generally considered safe for human consumption. 

What Are The Side Effects?

Side effects of Cordyceps use include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Thinning of blood

Who Should Avoid Taking Cordyceps Gummies? 

There are a few groups of people who should avoid taking Cordyceps in any form including, 

  • Diabetics
  • People who take blood thinning medication (Cordyceps has been known to have the same effect, and they may compound) 
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (We don’t know the long-term effects)

Does Cordyceps Boost Testosterone? 

In a few animal studies, researchers have observed increased levels of testosterone levels in subjects who were given Cordyceps militaris extract.² While we don’t know if it would have the same effect in humans, Cordyceps’s testosterone-boosting effects are certainly worth further research. 

What Does Taking Cordyceps Gummies Feel Like?

Many people who take Cordyceps gummies report feeling more awake and vibrant immediately and hours after taking them. Cordyceps is supposed to have a more stimulating effect than other functional mushrooms, so if you decide to try them out, make sure to do it early in the day.


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