What the Heck is “Pure CBD”?

While searching the internet for information about how to discern high-quality CBD products from the rest, you may have come across a few articles referring to “pure CBD.”

Well what the heck does that mean? Does it mean unadulterated whole-plant hemp? Does “pure CBD” refer to the cannabidiol molecule itself?  

In this piece, we’re going to 

  • Explain what “pure CBD” really means. 
  • Review the advantages and disadvantages of “pure CBD.”
  • Hopefully, help you make a more informed decision when considering different CBD products.

Pure CBD refers to CBD Isolate (most of the time) 

In the articles mentioned above, the jargon “pure CBD” likely refers to CBD isolate which is exactly what it sounds like— cannabidiol (C₂₁H₃₀O₂) isolated from all of the other cannabinoids found in hemp. 

By itself, pure CBD isolate looks a lot like frosted quartz, and when it’s ground up, kosher salt. In this form even “pure CBD” isn’t technically pure. Most CBD isolates on the market are between 97-99% CBD. Complete conversion of CBD just isn’t possible. 

The Disadvantages of Using Pure CBD Isolate

While there are a good many benefits of using pure CBD isolate (we’ll get into those shortly,) there are a few disadvantages, too. 

Disadvantage: Not Full-Spectrum 

Pure CBD isolate is, as we’ve said, just the CBD cannabinoid; meaning that products made with isolate contain none of the other 100+ cannabinoids present in hemp plants. 

Full-spectrum CBD refers to products that contain all of said cannabinoids, (including the trace amounts of THC.) Some users believe that using full-spectrum products are a more effective way of fully realizing their CBD’s effects. 

Disadvantage: More Processing = More Time & Money

Because pure CBD isolate needs to be processed more heavily than full-spectrum CBD, it means more time and money from a manufacturing standpoint. For some it may mean investing in more specialized extraction equipment. 

For this reason a lot of companies pass on the opportunity to make pure CBD isolate and instead choose to focus on their full-spectrum CBD products. 

The Advantages of Using Pure CBD Isolate

Advantage: THC-Free

The biggest advantage in using pure CBD isolate when making CBD products, is that whatever you end up making, you can be sure that it’ll be THC free. This is a big deal for people who are still subjected to drug testing for employment and healthcare reasons. 

Having products that are THC-free ensures that those people can still enjoy the benefits of CBD without the fear of testing positive. 

Advantage: Ease of Use

Remember how we said that pure CBD isolate when ground up looks like salt? It’s just as easy to store and to use, too. Just keep it relatively dry in a dark, cool room and you’re golden. 

The same can’t be said for full-spectrum CBD extract which looks and handles like molasses, only much stickier. 

Advantage: Consistency 

Making CBD-infused products is relatively easy. Making CBD-infused products that are a certain strength and doing it consistently is more difficult. 

Another overlooked benefit of using pure CBD isolate is that making consistent products is as easy as solving a few simple math problems and weighing out a correct dosage. 

How Sunset Lake Uses Pure CBD Isolate 

We use pure CBD isolate derived from hemp plants that we grew ourselves up in northern Vermont. It gives us and our customers a peace of mind that our CBD, from seed to product, is of the highest quality and free of unwanted adulterants like pesticides and harmful solvents. 

We use CBD isolate in a few of our products like our CBD Gummies and our Hemp Lotion infused with Jasmine & Aloe