A man harvesting hemp flower with the text "The Best Hemp Flower For You [2022]"

CBD flower has only been on the market for a few years and already there are countless strains out there. Some are staples after years of further breeding and perfecting, while others are rarer and have their own cult following. 

Sunset Lake CBD’s lineup of CBD flower continues to grow year after year just like our commitment to growing the best CBD flower around. This year we’ve grown nine strains; you may recognize some of your old favorites, but we’re sure you’ll love the new additions too. 

We’ve put together this list of strains— in no particular order as we love all of our children equally— to help you find the best CBD flower for you. So, without further adieu…

Which is the Best CBD Flower For You?

1. LifterAll Day Use | Staple Strain

A close up of Lifter hemp flower from Sunset Lake CBD


Total CBD – 21.43% | Total THC – 0.87% | Total Terpenes – 1.6%

  • Oregon CBD Genetics
  • High CBD content 
  • Daytime & Nighttime Strain 

Lifter CBD Flower Description

There’s a good reason Lifter is one of the most common CBD flowers around. Lifter produces outstanding yields. That and Lifter’s high CBD content makes it some of the best CBD flower around. With an aromatic profile similar to sweet blueberry pie and cheese, Lifter has a distinctly sweet, earthy taste when smoked. 

Lifter CBD flower is one of the best choices for all-day smokers, too. Day or night, this bud will bring you calm and focus without the drag common with some heavier strains. 

Sunset Lake offers Lifter CBD flower in premium hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.

Fun fact: Lifter’s name may actually be a reference to “Mortgage Lifter” heirloom tomatoes— a variety of massive beefsteak tomatoes that can bulk up to about four pounds each. 

2. Hawaiian HazeMorning Tokers | Beginners


A close up of Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower from Sunset Lake CBD

Total CBD – 17.89% | Total THC – 0.72% | Total Terpenes – 2.0%

  • Oregon CBD Genetics 
  • Great Morning Strain
  • Unmatched Smokability 

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Description

Hawaiian Haze is a tropical strain that took 1st place in the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup. These energizing buds are a 10/10 for smokability, flavor, and a staff favorite at Sunset Lake CBD. 

Hawaiian Haze is a predominately Sativa CBD strain that can put anyone in a better mood without totally zonking you out. This strain is also the best CBD flower for folks new to smokable CBD. 

Sunset Lake carries Hawaiian Haze hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls. 

3. Sour Suver Haze – Sour Enthusiasts | Deep Relaxation

  • Terpene rich
  • Dense, dark-green nugs 
  • Unmistakable flavor profile

Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower Description

A new strain for the sour enthusiasts out there. Sour Suver Haze was engineered by the one and only Oregon CBD Seeds. At 18.88% total CBD, these dense nugs— a cross between Suver 8 x Gorilla Glue #4— will win you over the second you open the jar. Our resident puffers say that Sour Suver Haze greets you with a spicy hello and leaves you with a tangy sour-lime finish. 

Sour Suver Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but even so, this flower is good for daytime and nighttime use. Too many puffs of this flower and it’ll be bedtime no matter the time of day!

Sunset Lake carries Sour Suver Haze CBD flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.

4. Suver HazeDaily Use | Mood Boosting


A close up of Suver Haze Hemp Flower from Sunset Lake CBD

Total CBD – 18.71% | Total THC – 0.74% | Total Terpenes – 1.5%

  • High CBD Staple Strain
  • Versatile Strain
  • Bold Aroma

Suver Haze CBD Flower Description 

Everyone’s stash should have some Suver Haze. At 18.71% total CBD it’s easy to go a bit overboard with Suver Haze. As a Sativa-dominant strain, a little bit of Suver Haze is a good mood booster and can bring focus to a busy day. Too much Suver Haze and you might focus yourself right into a midday nap. 

Suver Haze’s aroma is in a class of its own, too— a mix between spicy black pepper and green apple. 

Sunset Lake carries Suver Haze hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.

5. Super Sour Space CandySuper Smokers | Terpene Chasers

A close up of Super Sour Space Candy Hemp flower from Sunset Lake CBD


Total CBD – 19.34% | Total THC – 0.78% | Total Terpenes – 2.7%

  • Great Anytime Strain
  • Unmatched Flavor
  • Out-Of-This-World Smokability

Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Description

Super Sour Space Candy takes everything about Sour Space Candy— dense nugs, blood-orange hairs, and sweet citrus fragrance— and brings it to the next level, thanks to the mad scientists at Oregon CBD Seeds. 

At a whopping 19.34% total CBD content and 2.7% total terpene content, this year’s Super Sour Space Candy is simply pleasant to smoke or vape. Daytime or nighttime, this strain promotes relaxation and calm. 

Sunset Lake carries Super Sour Space Candy hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.

6. Sour Hawaiian HazeMidday Session | Terpene Explosion

Total CBD – 18.00% | Total THC – 0.71% | Total Terpenes – 2.5%

  • Sativa-Dominant Sour Cross
  • Floral & Tangy Profile
  • More Terpenes Than OG Hawaiian Haze

Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Strain Description

Another new addition to the lineup. Sour Hawaiian Haze takes what we love about the classic Hawaiian Haze— tropical tasting notes, smokability, and overall chill vibe— and combines it with the gassy funk of Gorilla Glue #4. 

Our resident puffers say that if you’re looking for a tasty, terpene-filled smoke or vape session, you can’t go wrong with Sour Hawaiian Haze. See what over 1% of Myrcene can do for you! 

Sunset Lake CBD carries Sour Hawaiian Haze in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls. 

7. Cherry AbacusHelp Getting To Bed | Indica-dominant

A close up of Cherry Abacus hemp flower from Sunset Lake CBD


Total Cannabinoids – 19.07% | Total CBD – 15.87% | Total CBG – 0.38%

  • Colorado CBD Genetics 
  • Tasty Smoke 
  • Nighttime Strain

Best CBD Flower for: Help Getting To Bed | Purple Buds 

Cherry Abacus CBD Flower Strain Description

Cherry Abacus isn’t a strain to sleep on, rather, it’s a strain that will put you to sleep. As an Indica-dominant strain, if you’re looking for a no-frills bedtime strain, Cherry Abacus may be the best CBD flower for you. 

Cherry Abacus is a beautiful flower full of purple, red, and green hues. Cherry Abacus’s aroma is subdued, but the taste is dynamite— like cool cherry cola. 

Sunset Lake carries Cherry Abacus hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars and packaged small buds.

8. Special SauceThe Most Complete Cannabinoid Profile 

A close up of Special Sauce Hemp Flower from Sunset Lake CBD


Total Cannabinoids – 20.97% | Total CBD – 17.01% | Total CBG – 0.65% 

  • Unique Aroma & Taste 
  • Anytime Strain 
  • Special

Special Sauce CBD Flower Strain Description

Special Sauce has what you need day or night. Users tell us that they like it as a way to bring calm to their hectic morning and get ready for bed. With its solid CBD, CBG, and THCa content, this bud has it all.  

Special Sauce’s sweet, vanilla odor is quite pleasing, but the real pleasure is in its smokability— initially sweet, then savory. For smokers looking for a staple to add to their collection, Special Sauce might be the best CBD flower for you. 

Sunset Lake carries Special Sauce hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.

9. Sour LifterDaytime Focus | Morning Mood Boost

A close up of Sour Lifter Hemp Flower from Sunset Lake CBD


Total CBD – 19.95% | Total THC – 0.78% | Total Terpenes – 2.1%

  • ‘Fresh’ (thanks to its high Terpinolene levels)
  • Daytime Strain
  • High CBD Sour Strain

Sour Lifter CBD Flower Strain Description

A refreshing twist on the classic Lifter strain, Sour Lifter CBD Flower is a funky Sativa-dominant cross. When you break into a jar of Sour Lifter you may notice hints of blue cheese and zesty citrus— a mouthwatering pairing. 

While Sour Lifter is much more of a pure daytime strain than others on this list, beware of the creep. Too many puffs may turn that morning boost into a mid-morning relaxation session. 

Sunset Lake carries Sour Lifter hemp flower in hand-trimmed jars, packaged small buds, and prerolls.