CBD Coffee: Benefits & Everything Else You Need To Know

What’s a better way to wake up than with a cup of strong, bold dark roast coffee and a little bit of CBD?

Two cups, maybe. 

What is CBD Coffee?

Sunset Lake’s CBD coffee is single-origin sourced dark roast coffee infused with CBD grown on our Vermont farm. 

We make our CBD coffee with help from Good Luck Coffee Roasters. With their extensive coffee sourcing network, roasting knowledge, and our determination, we’ve dialed in a roast that gave us a nice morning dose of CBD and tasted amazing. And because we’re infusing our CBD directly into the beans, there’s no oily film that’s common with coffee shop’s “CBD shots.”

Where is Your CBD Coffee Sourced?

At Sunset Lake, we grow our hemp with longevity and sustainability in mind. More than a buzzword to us, as farmers first, we take great care to ensure the long-term health of our soil and we never use pesticides or harmful chemicals on our cultivars. And, just like farmers we believe in fair pay for fair work. 

We approached our CBD coffee with these same beliefs in mind. That’s why we’ve partnered with a local roaster who sources our coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. 

You can read more about Rainforest Certified Coffee here.

How do You Use CBD Coffee?

You can brew your CBD coffee with any traditional method— drip, French press, pour-over, but we do recommend avoiding paper filters as they can filter out a portion of CBD before it reaches your cup. We recommend using reusable, metal filters. 

What does CBD Coffee do? 

Sunset Lake’s CBD Coffee is the perfect blend of caffeine and CBD, all blended together in a bold cup of coffee. 

Have you ever noticed yourself getting the post-coffee jitters in the middle of the morning? We’ve found that this doesn’t happen with our CBD coffee. Not only that, but a nice warm cup of small-batch coffee may just put a big smile on your face and boost your mood. 

How do You Dose CBD Coffee? 

Sunset Lake’s CBD coffee was formulated with the perfect cup in mind. One serving (12 grams of whole beans) when ground and brewed will contain 24 mg of CBD. Of course, that dose can be easily changed. Those who like a stronger cup of coffee can add more grounds, but know that this will increase the amount of CBD you’re getting, too. 

To get a stronger cup of CBD coffee without increasing the dose of CBD, you’ll need to use a steeping brewing method (one in which you control how long the coffee grounds sit in your hot water.) These include French-presses and brew-in-cup filters among others. Increasing your steeping time will make for a stronger-tasting cup! 

Our CBD Coffee is Full-Spectrum

Because we believe in the efficacy of our full-spectrum CBD, we don’t remove or remediate any of the cannabinoids prior to infusion. 

Sunset Lake’s CBD Coffee Lineup

Our CBD coffee availability is subject to change. Because we work with a local small-batch roaster, the availability of single-origin sourced beans changes. 

This does allow us to introduce new and exciting limited releases constantly— each with its own flavor profile and mouthfeel. If you’re a fan of a particular limited release and would like to see its return, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate.